Our range of cheeses

At Newlyn Cheese we specialise in Cornish

and West Country cheeses

with a few must haves from UK and Europe thrown in

and regular promotions of regional cheeses or cheeses from other countries.



cornish cheeses


Cornwall boasts a whole range of artisan cheeses including:

Cornwall’s celebrity Yargs : Nettle and Wild Garlic from Lynher Dairy.

The award winning Cornish Blue.

We usually have the full range of the Whalesborough Farm Dairy: the lovely Miss Muffet

and her entourage.

Our most local cheese the Helfords: Blue, White and Camembert are superb. Helford Blue

is one of our top sellers.

We stock the luxurious St Endellion Brie made with both milk and cream.

The Cornish Goudas are ever more popular and we always have at least one in stock.

When available Bosvean Goat is always in stock.

Cornish ewe’s milk cheese from Sue Collier with a semi hard and soft cheese available.



Somerset Cheddars



The West Country has such a range of cheeses with Cheddar being the best known.

At Newlyn Cheese  we will always have at least 3 cheddars in stock at any time.

Montgomerys , the king of Cheddars is always on display

We also keep a constant supply of Barbers, a very reasonably priced cheese that is bursting with flavour.

Wax covered Worthys is always in stock as small and medium truckles and at times we have cutting Worthys.

At the moment we have Godminsters Cheddar, an organic wax covered cheese that is so creamy and tangy.

We rotate a selection of other favourites like Keens and Greens.



Beenleigh Blue Newlyn Cheese and Charcuterie Annie Bungeroth



We also have a delightful selection of non cows milk cheeses from the West Country:

Somerset Rachel and Ticklemore Goat.

We have Beenleigh Blue and often Harbourne Blue.

Moving further from home we stock a small range of those must have European cheeses:

Ossau Iraty, Comte, Tallegio and Parmesan.We are rather partial to Spanish cheeses and

will usually carry a good range:

Theres always a Manchego, semi -curado or curado or both.

Murcia al vino and Picos Blue are often in the fridge.

… and we make sure we have a selection of guest cheeses to keep everyone popping in!