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“Cured meats, principally in the form of hams and sausages, often sliced and served cold or used as a sandwich filling

(e.g. Salami, Parma Ham, Pancetta)”

Here at Newlyn Cheese & Charcuterie we maintain a small but tasty selection of cured meats.

Generally in stock are:

  • Cornish Charcuterie a range of pates, salamis and chorizo. Locally sourced free range meats.
  • Serrano Ham (Spanish cured ham. Wafer thin ruby slices enhance any picnic).
  • Chorizo (Both mild & picante and large for slicing, and also slim & meaty Magno – great for chunky nibbles)
  • Pancetta – Semi-cured, mildly-spiced pork belly. Often required in recipes, for example to wrap around chicken breast or monkfish tails, but also great in little chunks (lardons) in hearty lentil dishes or with pasta.
  • Cooking Chorizo – delicious mini sausages just right for stew, bakes and barbeques. Both mild and spicy.


We’re happy to slice you enough for one sandwich  or enough for a wedding buffet.

You tell us how much and how thick or thin, and leave the rest to us.



We pride ourselves on having a range of biscuits to accompany cheese that is wide, beautiful and British-made.

  • Crisp crackers flavoured with natural ingredients such as rosemary and fig, each with its own cheese pairing recommendation.
  • Wholegrain selection comprising Spelt, Rye, Three Seed and the attractively black Charcoal.
  • A variety of Oatcakes – great for those avoiding wheat.
  • Classic Bath Olivers and Carr’s Water Biscuits.
  • Indulgent wafer thin Toast for Cheese, in 3  styles each with a different fruit, nut and seed.
  • Grate Britain buttery, British cheese-laden range. Stilton, Cheddar or Smoked. Great as a snack with a beer.
  • And many more…




Our main preserve supplier for the Crellow range is a small but impreccably professional Cornish producer, Sisley’s. Using the finest ingredients,  as locally-sourced and as seasonal as possible, their attractive jars keep people coming back for more.

     We stock: Apple & Onion  / Father’s Favourite / Damsons in Distress / Quince Charming / Orchard Chutney /
                         Apple, Date & Ginger / Tomfoolery / Onion Relish / Red Pepper Relish / Damson & Apple Fruit Cheese

Another lovely range are the 5 flavours of ‘Fruits for Cheese’ from the Fine Cheese Company in Bath. These ‘cheeses’ are sliceable fruit pastes, each with its own cheese pairing recommendation. Choose from Quince / Damson / Fig / Lime & Chilli / Gooseberry.

And don’t forget the wonderful Membrillo, or Quince Cheese to us Brits. This is the sliceable, sweet, Spanish deep red delicacy which traditionally accompanies Manchego ewe’s cheese. Available in pots and by the gram from the counter.


Our olives are all marinated in-house. Quality ingredients and flavour combination them a delicious range.

  • Whole  Green and Black Greek olives marinated in olive pomace oil with Garlic, Fennel Seed, Chilli & Rosemary.
  • Pitted Queen Green olives marinated in olive pomace oil with  Lemon Zest, Tarragon & Garlic.
  • Pitted Queen Green and Kalamata olives marinated in olive pomace oil with Orange Zest, Coriander Seeds and Fresh Thyme.


 Come in and try one before you buy!




From Tuesday to Saturday  we have a selection of loaves from Vicky’s Bread in Helston, Cornwall.

All the loaves are ORGANIC and all contain SOURDOUGH culture to complement the yeast, with one loaf being PURELY SOURDOUGH.

Choose from:

  • Multigrain (Linseed, Sunflower and Sesame)
  • Bordelais (classic pure sourdough round loaf)
  • Spelt (great for those avoiding modern wheat)
  • Cloudy White (Simple and delicious. Makes the most amazing toast)
  • Baguette (a ‘French’ stick with integrity!)
  • Olive & Thyme (salty, chewy Saturday special. Just perfect with soup)

Once you’ve become a regular Vicky’s Bread eater, no other loaf compares!